Home – the Beginning

Once upon a time a group of hard-working, slightly loopy women decided they wanted an excuse to drink wine, err… read books. So they gathered over food and drink and hatched a plan.

Each month they would meet to discuss the mandatory book, drink the requisite wine, and do a little DDR and knitting. Of course there would be rules to be followed to ensure a good time would be had by all. Each person would bring her own talents to share – from creating discussion questions to menus – and the web would capture it all.

www.iheartbooks.wordpress.com is that home on the web. Check out the minutes category for meeting minutes, the book list for what we’re reading and where you can get the books, the discussion questions category for – well –┬ádiscussion questions, the menus category for food lists and assignments, and the about the gang to learn more about our group of intrepid readers.

Humbly yours,


~the website mistress~