Menu for 4/26/07

This month’s Food Theme

Create a grown-up version of your favorite kids food!

Erin is making a variation on the rice krispy treat.

Colleen is planning on doing a grown-up grilled cheese sandwich (aged cheddar on some kind if fabulous bread).


April 4, 2007. menus. Leave a comment.

Menu for 3/23/07

Our menu will be Ode to Knitting Needles!

Our menu will focus around foods that you eat with a stick.

Fondues with sticks are very appropriate

appetizers with toothpicks would be perfect

any asian dish that requires noodles is absolutely fabulous

I don’t have specifics other than sticks are not required but strongly encouraged (forks and fingers are for losers!)

Hungirly yours,


February 22, 2007. menus. Leave a comment.