Meeting Minutes for 7/27/07

This month’s meeting was at Jen W’s. We had fabulous and fun make-your-own mini-pizzas, spinach salad, spinach balls, mini pecan treats and chocolate balls. The drink was sangria and it was good. We discussed the book more than usual. We were a bit divided over the corniness vs. the time period and if any of the characters truly possessed any redeeming qualities. hmmm…

Next month’s pick is Snow. We originally set the date for August 24th. Still work for people? It will be at my house. Food? We thought white or cold food. I started reading the book and it is set in Turkey. Middle Eastern food anyone? It’s up to Jen W!


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Meeting Minutes for 5/18/07 (out of order minutes!)

Last meeting was great. I think we talked aobut the book for approx. 5 minutes or so but that’s okay. It was an excellent way to end what most of us deemed to be a crappy week!
General consensus on The Alienist was it was okay but way too painfully detailed. Allison’s apartment was very cute and cozy AND her vacuum cleaner is the coolest one I have ever seen.

Next months read is super-short (I Hate Other People Kids) so… we were supposed to meet on June 22 but I heard a lot of people may not be able to make it. Should we try for June 8 instead?? Reply and tell me which is better and we’ll go with whichever one the most people can attend.

talk to you later girls.

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Meeting Minutes for 6/14/07 (sadly, not a good book)

Hi girls!

Okay, so this month was I Hate Everyone Else’s Kids. It was a super-fast read but we generally agreed that the author was just a little bitter (but the book definitely had it’s funny moments). We got to sit outside and enjoy the weather (and Priti’s freshly stained deck) and even got a visit from lovely neighbor Riley, a beautiful golden retriever.

There was crown wearing and singing for my birthday-very nice. Priti took some pictures so if we print a couple they could be used for a scrapbook page.

Food was very anti-child: There was multi-grain chips and pineapple salsa. Spinach salad with all the fixings (red peppers, croutons, strawberries, bacon and three choices of dressing). Chocolate fondue with pound cake, strawberries and raspberries for dipping. Some yummy spinach, artichoke dip and french bread and for dessert a delicious tiramisu. We do eat well.

We put together the squares for Rachael’s baby blanket and sewed it up while watching Bend it Like Beckham.

So next month’s pick is Little Women. Start reading now or you’ll never finish! I have to say that I am enjoying it more than in the past. Jen W.  is going to have to think of a food theme. I have no good ideas on that one. The meeting is July 27 at Jen W’s house. Hope everyone can come!!

We are going to try and coordinate a field trip date to Sonnenberg-stay tuned.

Also-what month would you guys like me so check on for a book club meeting at Wine Sense? We will combine wine tasting and book chatting. I was thinking September or October but let me know!

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