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Menu for 3/23/07

Our menu will be Ode to Knitting Needles!

Our menu will focus around foods that you eat with a stick.

Fondues with sticks are very appropriate

appetizers with toothpicks would be perfect

any asian dish that requires noodles is absolutely fabulous

I don’t have specifics other than sticks are not required but strongly encouraged (forks and fingers are for losers!)

Hungirly yours,


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Meeting Minutes for 2/21/07 (a.k.a. Dating Game Meeting)

February 21, 2007

Attendance: Allison, Melissa, Priti, Erin, Laura, Colleen

Place: The Old Toad

Purpose: To establish book list

So, we managed to establish our reading list for the entire year. Everyone seemed pleased with their assigned roles so we will proceed as decided. Also, one more rule has been adopted: No boys allowed.

The first meeting will be March 23 at 6pm at Laura’s house.

Action Items:

Laura will get us all directions to her house.

Jen will come up with our “menu” and let everyone know what to bring.

Allison is buying a scrapbook.

Everyone should purchase their own paper they want for their personal page in the scrapbook.

And most importantly, here’s our list:

March: The Friday Night Knitting Club Kathleen Jacobs

A charming and moving novel about female friendship and the experiences that knit us together-even when we least expect it.

April: The Time Travelers Wife Audrey Niffenberger

Often lighthearted, thoroughly original, and ultimately profoundly moving, Audrey Niffenegger’s first novel tells the story of two people destined to be together: Clare, a perfectly normal woman, and Henry, a time-traveler.

May: Ghosts of Vesuvius Charles R. Pellegrino

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79 and the subsequent destruction of the thriving Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum are historic disasters of monumental proportions, resonating across millennia and remembered to this very day. Now Dr. Charles Pellegrino — the acclaimed author who unearthed Atlantis, returned readers to Sodom and Gomorrah, and revealed startling new secrets about the most fabled sea tragedy of all in his superb New York Times bestseller Her Name, Titanic — takes us back to the final days of an extraordinary civilization to experience an earth-shattering catastrophe with remarkable and unsettling ties to the unthinkable disaster of September 11, 2001.

June: The Alienist Caleb Carr

Step into another time–and unforgettable terror. The year is 1896. The city is New York. The hunt is on for a baffling new kind of criminal–a serial killer. A first-rate tale of crime and punishment that will keep readers guessing until the final pages.

July: I Hate Other Peoples Kids Adrianne Frost

From the dawn of time, other people’s kids have found ways to spoil things for the rest of us. Movie theaters, parks, restaurants — every venue that should be a place of refuge and relaxation has instead become a freewheeling playground complete with shrieks, wails, and ill-timed excretions.

Now, I Hate Other People’s Kids delivers a complete handbook for navigating a world filled with tiny terrors — and their parents. It boldly explores how children’s less- endearing traits have disrupted life throughout history (“And they say Jesus loved the little children, all the children of the world, but he never had to dine with one. He chose the lepers”) and classifies important subspecies of tyke, from “Little Monsters” (Dennis the Menace, Bamm-Bamm Rubble) to the “So Good It Hurts” variety (Dakota Fanning, Ricky Schroeder in The Champ). Dotted with illuminating sidebars such as “Parents Think It’s Cute, but It Isn’t” and featuring tips on ingeniously turning the tables without seeming childish yourself, I Hate Other People’s Kids is clever, unforgiving, and sidesplittingly funny.

August: Little Women Louisa May Alcott

Generations of readers young and old, male and female, have fallen in love with the March sisters of Louisa May Alcott ‘s most popular and enduring novel, Little Women. Here are talented tomboy and author-to-be Jo, tragically frail Beth, beautiful Meg, and romantic, spoiled Amy, united in their devotion to each other and their struggles to survive in New England during the Civil War.

September: Snow Orhan Pamuk

From the acclaimed author of My Name Is Red (“a sumptuous thriller”-John Updike; “chockful of sublimity and sin”- New York Times Book Review), comes a spellbinding tale of disparate yearnings-for love, art, power, and God-set in a remote Turkish town, where stirrings of political Islamism threaten to unravel the secular order.

October: One for the Money Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich makes a major debut with this witty and critically acclaimed crime novel. Meet Stephanie Plum of Trenton , New Jersey. She’s a rookie bail bondswoman who has the awkward habit of leaping first and looking later when she’s out snagging bail jumpers. It’s not a job for the faint at heart, but it’s tailor-made for Stephanie Plum.

November: Catch Me If You Can Frank Abagnale

Cynics might say that Frank Abagnale had the makings of a great politician. After all, he has written $2.5 million in bad checks, posed successfully as a physician, a lawyer, a bank deposit collector and a CEO, taught in colleges without any real credentials, and convinced people that he was an FBI agent. All of which he did before he was twenty-one. Alagnale’s creative skein came to an end when a flight attendant recognized the glowering face on the Interpol poster. After a five year prison sabbatical, Alagnale received an offer he couldn’t refuse: parole for the price of his knowledge. this extraordinarily informative (and strangely exhilarating) memoir was first published twenty years ago. Alagnale (who now runs an anti-fraud corporation) has updated his tale with insights into criminal advances in the technological age.

December: Al Capone Does My Shirts Gennifer Choldenko

Murderers, mob bosses, and convicts . . . these guys are not your average neighbors. Unless you live on Alcatraz. It’s 1935 and twelve-year-old Moose Flanagan and his family have just moved to the infamous island that’s home to criminals like notorious escapee Roy Gardner, Machine Gun Kelly, and of course, Al Capone. Now Moose has to try to fit in at his new school, avoid getting caught up in one of the warden’s daughter’s countless plots, and keep an eye on his sister Natalie, who’s not like other kids. All Moose wants to do is protect Natalie, live up to his parents’ expectations, and stay out of trouble. But on Alcatraz, trouble is never very far away.

January: The Empress Shan Sa

A ravishing historical novel of one of China’s most controversial historical figures: its first and only female emperor, Empress Wu, who emerged in the Tang Dynasty and ushered in a golden age.

February: The DaVinci Code Dan Browne

Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor of symbology who can’t stay out of trouble. Last seen in Angels and Demons (2000), this mild-mannered academic finds himself entangled in a deadly conspiracy that stretches back centuries. Visiting Paris on business, he is awakened at 2:00 a.m. by a call from the police: An elderly curator has been murdered inside the Louvre, and a baffling cipher has been found near the body. Aided by the victim’s cryptologist granddaughter, Langdon begins a danger-filled quest for the culprit; but the deeper he searches, the more he becomes convinced that long-festering conspiracies hold the answer to the art lover’s death.

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Meeting Minutes for 2/19/07 (a.k.a. How It All Began)

Notes from first meeting
February 19, 2007
Attendance: Colleen, Jen, Laura, Erin
Place: Magnolia’s
Purpose: Establish book club outline

Okay, so let’s see if I got everything.
First of all, we have decided that the book club (so far unnamed and to be addressed later) will meet once a month on Fridays. The first selection is The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kathleen Jacobs ( ) and we will meet on March 23 to discuss it.

So far the established rules are:
1. You have to READ the book and participate in discussion.
2. Attendance is mandatory.
3. Whenever possible, we will take field trips.
4. Must alternate between “dark” and “light” books so no one becomes too melancholy.
5. The reading list for the entire year will be established ahead of time and posted on our to-be-developed website. We will meet this Wednesday, February 21 at The Old Toad for our first years worth of reading (details to follow).
6. Everyone will contribute food and/or beverage for each meeting.
7. No books allowed that end in “it was all a dream.”
8. What happens at book club stays at book club.
9. No new members without group consent.
We have assigned titles and duties for each member:
Laura is the fabulous Website Mistress
Erin is the Mayor of Moneyville (aka Treasurer)
Jennifer is the Sustenance Sista’ (she will develop theme menus and let us know what to bring to meetings).
Melissa is the Discussion Diva (she has book club experience and will bring discussion questions)
Allison is the Keeper of the Key (it involves a scrapbook and photos)
Priti is the Resident Realtor and will assign houses,
Colleen does not have a fabulous title yet but I was told to take notes and apparently am a little bossy.
Emily is our satellite member we are hoping will visit.
The tee shirts will be here this week. They are $10 each. If you want to see the design I can forward the e-mail to you.
So here is what we will need everyone to do for Wednesday. We will meet at 5:15-ish at the Old Toad to establish the book list list. Here is how we have decided to go:
The first book is Friday Night Knitting Club.
Every member gets to put on the list ANY book of their choosing-no questions asked-everyone must read.
Bring two more book ideas (with brief descriptions) and we will vote on 2 more to add.
The final two will be one “classic” book and one non-fiction. Erin and I will compile a list and we will all vote on those. If my math is correct that brings us to 12 (Emily is a satellite so I did not give her a book of her choice).
Also, if you have ideas for a name for the club bring those.
We have also decided that birthday celebrations should be mandatory so here is the birthday list:
Allison — January 6
Emily — February 26
Colleen — June 13
Priti — August 21
Jen — September 15
Melissa — November 11
Laura — November 9
Erin — December 4
I think I got everything. Let me know. See everyone on Wednesday!

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